Gentlemen start your engines - HO Slot car track build (update 2) Its Alive

As a kid growing up in the sixties we played with slot cars, trains, model cars etc…
but my favorite was the slot car, so after watching a few youtube videos I decided to make one.

Its 2x4 feet and made of 12 pieces of 1/2in MDF (now I really wish I had a 1000x1000 machine)

Will post more after I get it all dolled up and running


bits for grooves? links to beat youtube vids?

Here is link to the site I used for reference

HO track building

And this is the bit I used for the slots

Freud 1/16" Diameter Double Flute Straight Bit (04-096)

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I want to be the inside track ! :slight_smile:

Good work Glenn… Good xmas idea for my nephew. Thanks for sharing …

That’s very freakin’ cool! I still remember using pennies to clean the track contacts.:sunglasses:

Nice work - my boy has been asking about this. Probably try this winter.

I was able to get a little work done on my HO track build, Hope to get it tacked down and wired this weekend maybe even a test run


beautiful. If you have any notes or advice or whatever, I’d welcome it. My son will lose his mind when I show him this. Thanks for sharing.

This is great!

Yeah, I was very sad to see the news on the last slot car parlor in New York:

Kind of a shame that Anki hasn’t tapped into the same self-manufacture aesthetic w/ its Overdrive car setup.

We still have one here in St. Paul at Scale Model Supplies it’s a 1960s eight lane set up, from what I see on YouTube the Scalextric digital system seems to be pretty popular.

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Had some more time to work on my track, It still needs lots of work but I’m happy with it so far.


What do you use for the electric pickup in the track?


For the rails I used this stuff

Rebar Tie Wire

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Wow, inspired! I’d never imagined that the track would require so few materials to actually function well, which is daft in retrospect… What an awesome world it is where this kind of thing is relatively easy to DIY!

Ya the materials cost a total of about $25.00, The cars, controller and power pack are the expensive part