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Georgia Winter Storm

Yes because that never happens very often. In that Ice storm UPS guy try to deliver 8:00 am overnight delivery package to my door, he just slammed ■■■ down to my stiff drive way and could’t stop all the way to garage door. He dropped box and try to climb up this time. No way, he was going about half way then coming back down again. After several attempt, I go outside and tell him there is nothing wrong walking on my lawns. That was sad, but I could’t help laughing out loud.


I spent 18 years in ATL. A couple of them was commuting to Chattanooga TN. One year I drove with two wheels on the road and two off the side of highway 75 south from Chattanooga just to get enough traction to drive.

The worst was one year when a major ice storm roared through the area and the sound of tree branches breaking sounded like gun shots all night long!

Now back in good ol’ sunny AZ I do not miss that!


Dawsonville,GA. got quite a few inches of snow but it seems to be melting pretty quickly today

Yea it didn’t snow anywhere close to how much they were predicting. The problem now is just gonna be ice on the roads.

Bob, don’t you read your other threads! Oh yeah, they are flagged too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll take the 10-12" or more of snow over 1/10" of ice any day.
Snow I can get traction in, Ice not so much. And a sliding 16 ton propane truck is not something one wants to deal with. as a fellow motorist, or like me,the yahoo that gets to drive it.

But I’ll even take the ice over the -36 deg F temps I was working in yesterday morning!


You must have been miserable…

In Puerto Rico, 365 days beach time.

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Lol…I’m in Houston…if you mention “it could snow” the town shuts down!!! lol…

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Local and regional dialects are a crazy thing…

there are a couple of words here that either have potentially different meanings in my part of the globe ( and im sure my warped sense of humor adds to the issue) and if i apply those meanings I can get a very odd mental picture when i read this…:smirk:

BTW -30 deg F 3 ft. away on the other side of the wall in front of me as i type this. And i gotta go haul propane in a few minutes.

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Took me a second to realize the birds in his picture were actually RC planes and adjust my understanding of what he was talking about.


I thought it was cats?

So… we should stay away from beer that is described as
“it’s the cats ■■■!” ?


In Puerto Rico, also horses are enjoying the beach today.


Sums it up quite nicely.

This also applies to Minnesota, I have seem a snowstorm on Monday followed by severe t-storms and tornadoes by Friday.

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