Get $500 Off the X-Carve Pro 4x2 CNC Machine

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This week we re-launched the X-CARVE Pro 4x2 CNC System, the latest addition to our family of high-quality CNC products. This state-of-the-art machine is set to revolutionize your production process with its unmatched speed, accuracy, and rigidity.

*If you’re an existing Inventables CNC machine owner, you will receive $500 off the X-Carve Pro 4x2 machine. If you haven’t received a $500 off code in your inbox, please email to get your code. Our support team is here all weekend!

Director of Marketing

why do I feel like I paid twice as much as this?

do you maybe have a 4x4 and not the 4x2 advertised?

That depends, did you buy yours when they first came out… the early pricing was about half price with a waiting period. I could have saved a bundle if I pulled the trigger then.

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