Getting an alligator clip to stay on a 1/4" shank

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A bigger clip with heat shrink for strain relief might have worked.

Charlie sells a different cable, it has a magnet versus alligator clip, much better option imho…

Well crap. HA

In fairness I was laying in bed, and didn’t have my glassesw, and the sun was in my eyes…

Did you try using an alligator clip with a slight bend in it? LOL

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^this. Use some pliers and try to put a double bend in it.

*edit: only on one side, though.

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If you decide to get something outside of the house, autoparts store sell a alligator clamp that is a little larger and its already attached to a wire. I have been using that for several weeks on 1/4 inch bits with no issue. And plus it was like $2, so it wont break the bank.

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if you have a steady hand you could just hold it. I have done that in a pinch.
works fine as long as you do not slip off.

That may be too big, LOL :grin:

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Heating a magnet, reduces the magnetic field.

Magnetism can actually control the flow of heat.

So I found out, too. :flushed:

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Steel has the same property if you are forging. You are in temp range when a magnet won’t stick to the billet.

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I also tried the magnet soldering and failed to get it to work. I then ordered these off Amazon, they are very similar to what is on the factory Z-Probe sold by Inventables.

in fact if you remove the plastic shield and place the factory shield from the Inventables probe then there is no difference as it is exactly the same size shape etc.

figured I would need extras as the students click on carve sometimes without disconnecting the clip. and they are not very expensive.

I just clipped a small (5/16") rare earth magnet into the small alligator clip and it holds to the spindle shaft just fine. No heat, no giggles as it falls to the wasteboard. Although that image is giggle worthy.

If the clip/magnet isnt removes before starting the spindle, it just flings it off without damage, i know this from experience.


Have you tried magnetic tape?

I’ll look into this while I’m at work today. There must be a successful way to do this.

Super glue is not the correct product to do something like that. Sciplus 400 might work, or MG Chemicals Silver Epoxy which complies with the requirements of NASA’s Outgassing Specification should work. Henkel makes a electrically conductive adhesive for Loctite too which should work. It’s called Loctite 348, but also known as Chipbonder 348. It’s pretty expensive though. Without seeing what Charlie made I would probably go with something like this;