Getting lathe

Finally got this bad boy set up. I had to ask some friends to come over and move it to my attic workspace.
Just looking for a computer to drive it.

I’m super stoked!


This is on my list, since I have a Mach 3 license, it would be cool to experiment. What CAM do you plan to use?

I have rhinoCAM. Never used the TURN portion of their software though.

& I’ve a mach3 trial version ready to rock.

Cool. I haven’t even LOOKED at Mach 3 turn interface so I have no idea how it all works.


Something like this?

yeah I suspect i’ll be using it a lot to make threaded parts, so a smart 4th axis is always useful.

@anon68752607 You have one upped me in the having a new “toy”, but I have purchased a second CO2 laser to modify! I hope you enjoy it and looking forward to your mods and produced items.

if you are fluent in g code then cam software with a 2 axis lathe is pretty much pointless. I can generally program a 2 axis lathe faster than I can cam it. especially if I am editing in a text editor.

only problem is i am not fluent at anything

finally I had some time to spare, and got it set up!

I Like it. what would it take to hook a 4th axis