Getting my machine to x and y zero

Did a carve rough cut last night turned off controller and computer.turned computer back on and turned controller back on.i know that doing this will illuminate the x and y.i cannot get my machine to x and y accurately again.

What machine?
Do you have homing switches?
How’d you set XY zero for the roughing pass?

I am curious to see if there are any better suggestions for how to deal with this problem, because I have had this happen to me several times on the 4040 machine, and it is a real pain.

I have two machines, and my big one always knows what its XY position is. I can turn the machine off and the XY values will be the same when I turn it back on. The 4040 does not. The XY values reset when the machine is turned on, and that just doesn’t jive with what I have planned. lol.

I have a bracket in the lower left corner of the 4040 to hold my workpieces squarely in place where I want them. The only constant that I know is Home, which I consider to be X0 and Y0. So I Home the machine, and from there I know that my Work Zero is usually X5 and Y66. Your numbers may be very different and they can change depending on your job, but my point is to write those numbers down, and you will always be able to find them again from Home.

Another thing I like to do is to drill a small mark (0.1-0.2mm deep is plenty) at my Work Zero. This way I have a physical mark made by the machine on my still mounted workpiece that I can find again manually if I need to. This works for multiple stages of carves and bit changes to make sure that my bit is where it needs to be.

As for your situation (and I have been there), you are going to be guessing what your work zero should be. I use UGS to bring the bit down to within 0.5mm of the surface and then manually jog around the job to see how it lines up. I often go back to work zero and adjust X or Y by 1mm, and then trace again. It is slow and time consuming, but I don’t know of any better tricks. Maybe someone else does?

I finally had to erase this project and start another one to get the machine to actually properly x and y zero is running fine now.

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