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Getting started (newbie)

Trying to do my first carve and followed the steps on carving. Used the z-prob to home the router bit but when I hit the carve button the router moves to the top right of the waste board corner and starts carving there. Any videos of step by step to get it to start on the bottom left by the X/Y point ??

I have a lot of videos that should help you. Here is one to get you started.

If this is what you are describing, I just home the machine, then close out the software and re open it without homing.

Share a screenshot of your Easel file (full).
You are probably not setting your work zero (Easel Home Position) - not be confused with homing switch location / homing cycle

Your work zero need to match the position represented in Easel as X0Y0 grid point. Your bit need to be at this position when you click “Confirm Home Position” during the carve preparation cycle.
If the design is up/right relative the X0Y0 grid point your work zero must be down/left.

Here is the link


Here is the code