Getting started with Fusion 360 CAM

I’m familiar with modeling in Fusion 360 (use it for 3D printing), but am just getting started with the CAM functions and don’t want to do anything stupid or break bits. I’ve seen a few tutorials, but am still looking for the one that will get me started with the CAM functions and my new X-Carve. Can anyone provide pointers to good tutorials on getting started with Fusion 360 CAM and the X-Carve? Any good tips you’ve picked up would also be appreciated.

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@StevePrior - Autodesk has some tutorials on using CAM, but CAM is one area that seems to be relatively “light” in terms of videos and instructions. Hope this helps:

NYCCNC is also a good channel to follow on YouTube - he does a lot of videos though I don’t recall too many on CAM. I’ve also found their forums to be a good resource when you know what you’re looking for.

Hope this helps.


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You may have stumbled on it already, but Lars Christensen has a bunch of good videos on CAM in Fusion 360.