Getting weird limit switch alarms

Machine had been running fine until today. Had the 1st right in the middle of a carve no where near a limit switch. Started over after homing during zeroing the work zero.

Alarm 5 is a probe fault… this could be because the probe was started from too far away from the probe plate as there is a max travel programmed into the grbl settings…

Here’s the alarm and error codes for future reference

Thank you. Why is it referencing the limit switch

I don’t actually use that gcode sender but it looks like it could be a custom message tied to the error code that pops when that alarm pops… resolving the alarm issue should resolve the error and that limit message

I think I’m going to turn off homing just to get this project done then I’ll try to debug the limit switches. Won’t that disable the limit switches? This is the first time I’ve used the homing since I got the machine in 2016. PicSender is all I’ve ever used to run it

You’d want to turn of homing($22) and limits ($20, $21)

Thank you! I’m going to download the arduino ide and check my switches are good no shorts or anything. Then cut off homing and and soft limits . I didn’t set up hard limits.

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