Giant T. Rex

So I made a 5 foot tall T. Rex and 8.5feet long!

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Show Case Video


way cool


Are you talking about for the body, they were too long to do in one cut so I did the way that’s shown in the files. I also have a video on how to set it up too.

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Great job

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That’s how I felt too!! Haha it was worth it I still have some finishing work to do but it’s going to look nice when I’m done

Two questions: Why? and Where are you going to put it?

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There is someone near me that has their yard full of these dino skeletons.

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I’m still confused as to why someone would ask why…:wink:

Because it’s a giant freaking dinosaur that YOU CAN MAKE!

Also, 'tis the season


Wow. :open_mouth:

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I ask Why? because I’m curious to know why you made it, a gift for a child? a yard ornament? etc.

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A few years ago i worked for a company that was tasked with crating up a life sized animatronic T-rex that went to Tokyo for the universal studios Jurassic park ride.
the first time I saw it, it was running and the operator thought it would be funny to make the thing act like it was gonna eat me.

I think I know what it must have been like to be a cave man!

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I made it because I wanted to know if I could make it. I also might give it to my nephew for Christmas! haha

I’m making a Star Wars BB8 cutout for my grandson. Not quite as large as your Rex, but he’ll enjoy it.

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Pics please!!! go join the x carve owners facebook group to share progress I would love to see it!

Will be carving it tonight.

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Thats sweet I like it a lot keep us posted on how it turns out. are you going to change the cut settings so it doesnt take 3 hours?

Probably not. It’s using a 1/16" bit for detail. I don’t mind the length of the cut. My machine is in the basement. I’ll set it to work and walk away. I can adjust the dynamic speed as it gets going with Easel Pro so it might speed up a bit anyway.

Simple, because it’s the perfect decoration for all holidays. No need to ever take it out of the front yard.

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