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Gibson Flying V (1983 ver) - Models, templates, etc

Good afternoon fellow x-carve luthiers. I just finished making an 83 Gibson Flying V (along with videos of the process for a tutorial on guitar modeling), and I decided to share it with you all as I did with my previous fretboard modeling tutorial :sunglasses:

Here’s the GrabCAD link.

There’s a DXF in there too if you’re just looking for the templates, and it includes tenon templates for manually routing the guitar. (It’s also included at the bottom of this post!)

This was modeled in Fusion360 - I will post the finished article/videos here soon for anyone interested. You can see the fretboard modeling process on my site here.

I provide a ton of free guitar templates on my website, and I have a ton more that I haven’t gotten around to publishing yet. If you’re looking for something, feel free to ask. I always appreciate feedback from the lutherie community and I try to help wherever possible!

Gibson-Flying-V-1983.dxf (674.3 KB)


Extra info for any sticklers :poop::

The model does not include a truss rod route since I prefer to do those by hand, and I left off the 1.5 degree neck pitch that Gibson uses on these. Also, I didn’t make pilot holes for the controls in case you want to have an alternate configuration. The filets on the edges are .05" or less, pretty light beveling. I don’t know the exact edge radius that Gibson uses, but I can’t imagine it being smaller than that.

Drilling between cavities will have to be done manually, not that a CNC could do that on a 1-piece body anyway. 12" fretboard radius, slotted for medium/medium fretwire from Stewart MacDonald (.056" slot depth, .022" width).


Wow! This is pretty cool. The number of X-Carve guitar makers is really growing.

We just hung one in our lobby.

You killed him?


Ha! No. I’ll get a picture for you next week.

Well he’ll definitely be dead by then if you just leave him there

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I got to see this one in person at Workbench Con

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I finished the article here if anyone wants to see how it’s done. I do not claim to be a Fusion expert, so don’t get too annoyed if you see me overcomplicating a few things :poop: