Giving easel pro to students

Hi all, I’m a high school educator and would like to have my students accounts go to pro, last year there was an option for students to choose to sign up themselves, this year the only link I can find seems to be to put in an educator email/link to school page and to ask for a certain number of pro accounts for students. Is there any way for me to approve my students accounts or have them approved? I only see them once a week now so it’s harder for me to get problems squared away.

Hi @DarrenBridgewater!

Unfortunately, We are unable to provide a district-wide key. In the past, teachers have created a single dummy account that students can use. If you’d like to go this route, fill out that application again via the Support Center.

Alternatively, you can have your students create their own non-pro accounts and then share their files with the dummy account to carve on the machine - designing pro features in Easel is free, the limitation is simply with Carving these features.

If you have any other questions, give our Customer Success team a call or email and they can help walk you through it! (312) 775-7009 or email

What kind of problems? Do you have the kids run the machine?

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