Glass etching with floating mounts i made

So for a good while now i have been wanting to etch glass. But i worried about the pressure on the glass and could not figure out how to set the depth to get a proper cut. So i made these simple floating spring loaded clamps and gave it a try. looks like it worked pretty good. Hopefully the video will be processed and uploaded before i head off to bed.

sorry for some missing video but it was just the cutting of the wood blocks no big loss.


Good idea , I was wondering a way to do that in the xc. I used to work in a glass company and Ive always enjoyed working with glass and mirrors. Now you just gave me a reason to work with it even more. You are full of ideas Shane! Keep it up

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I have a dust shoe but do not use it for video and have plans on making a tray to mount on the waste board for flood coolant in the near future. But in the end even without the dust shoe there was very little clean up. I did have squares of black paper laid out in various places around the machine the only ones that i could find any trace of glass on were the ones directly in front of the machine on the floor. Safety glasses, gloves, and dust mask should be worn

Have got to say Shane, I’d have never thought of making the material sprung. I’d have tried to make the tool sprung instead, given up and spent loads on a commercial sprung diamond bit. :smile:

Nice work Sir.



Thank you it still needs some tweaking i might make the next set from nylon and the springs could be just a little stiffer or add 2 to each corner. add tabs to the blocks to bolt to the waste board instead of my clamps. But i gotta start somewhere.

Great idea. Its got me wondering about a sheet of foam rubber underneath the glass. Or memory foam from a fabric store. Wish I had some time to try this. Thank you for the video and information.

I wanted to try the foam that was my first thought but i guess i must have used what i had on something else.

Plus fabric stores are a nightmare.

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This is just a brilliant idea. Simple, cheap, effective. I look forward to trying it when I get my rig assembled.

I think that is a fantastic job of etching the glass.

Already a better system in the works just gotta source the parts construction starts this weekend.