Goliath CNC

Just seen this video on Tested.

The router mount looks very familiar. :slight_smile: Interesting idea, i can’t see it being that fast.

Seems like a terrible idea to me. I can see it easily going offcoarse cutting anything even slightly hard, and the fact that it is driving over chips etc would knock everything out of whack too

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Looks like a serious safety issue, but cool as a proof of concept.

Would be awesome as a laser.

I wonder how it deals with itself driving over the cut paths and pockets.

That is a very interesting idea, I like that it is a new way of thinking about how a CNC router can work. But it is hard to believe that it will ever be a reliable system. Like @TheWhittler said, as soon as the panel surface is covered in chips life is going to be very difficult for those wheels.

In watching the video, it looks like they attached a thin wire with a magnet at the top of the unit. I think if the machine went off course it would break that connection and stop. At least I would hope so.

If Asimov’s robots had 25k rpm blades, he might have added a 4th law.

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Pretty cool idea!

He said “600”, which I assume is 600mm/min, which is about 24in/min, so yeah not very fast

interesting… but this is how terminators are born.

I hadn’t even thought about it driving over pockets etc.

I watched a video of it in action, and it seems to drag one of the three wheels while moving (only a short video so didn’t see much). This will most likely have a negative effect on accuracy if it drags over even a v carved line.

I like outside the box stuff, but I can’t see how this will ever function properly as intended. I hope the guy hasn’t plowed loads of money into this

Theres also the Maslow CNC which they have shown on Tested as well

For the really low cost i’m tempted just to play with. Again i think it will be really slow and not that accurate but for around $500 could be fun