Good Carving Fonts?

I am new to this and my wife wants me to try and carve out a name for her niece. I am trying to find good fonts to use for names. We are wanting to do cursive. Every cursive I try to download and enlarge it gets jagged. A good list of carving fonts would be awesome to get. I know easel has some, but it is very limited.

Thanks in advance!

Take a look at F-Engrave and the fonts it has. It will let you use a vbit which will give you a much nicer look.

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Lol seems pretty involved to install it =)

Amazone BT font

May not be a long term or very elegant solution, but you can create a graphic using any font you have, safe it off, then use the Vectorizer app to bring it into Easel. It won’t be editable at that point, but I think it will be able to be enlarged smoothly since it will be a vector. (1023.7 KB)

Thanks for the idea. Yeah I did something in vcarve pro and put it into easel. It get pretty jagged. I haven’t seen to many smooth fonts after enlarging.

Why would you design something in V-Carve pro and then pull it into Easel? Unless you are just sending G-Code through easel…

I am just trying to get use to VCarve pro sending it. I imported it as a SVG file to easel.

You have Vcarve, you should have led with that! It is loaded with tons of great fonts. Why would you import the SVG to Easel? All you should ever need to export/save from Vcarve is the gcode. Then you can send the gcode with UGS or Easel.

is Led a font? I am not seeing it in VCarvepro? Sorry for my newbieness lol.

V-carve uses your system fonts. You can install a font on your computer and it will show up in V-Carve.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I got that part. Most of the fonts that I am finding that are script are garbage once enlarged, They turn out jagged and not smooth. Thanks for the advice.

Set the cut up in v-carve…enlarging them as some sort of bitmap into easel will happen with anything. they will enlarge as much as you want in v-carve and stay smooth.

Check this out…

When you use the text tool in VCarve, make sure you have the “TrueType” button selected. This will then use TrueType fonts which are scalable without getting ‘jagged’ edges.
On my version, I used a font called “AR Decode” which is a cursive style font that looks nice when VCarved. See below for an example of this, however as mentioned above, the actual fonts you see are dependent upon the fonts that have been loaded onto your machine.

What did you fill the stone and seal using?

The text was filled with two-part epoxy resin with some black tint added to it.

thx david. sorry to necro the post.