Good cnc books?

Stuck on a nice 15 hour long road trip. I heard there are these things called books some sort of antique. Anyways wondering if anyone has ever read a informative cnc book? Hoping I can find a good one to buy and download that I can read while I’m stuck in the car.

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I actually enjoyed reading this:

“Getting Started with CNC: Personal Digital Fabrication with Shapeoko and Other Computer-Controlled Routers (Make)”

I got paperback but I think you can dl it for free, I seen it bunch of times in humble bundle books.

I was sure I knew all I need to for basic stuff and still managed to learn few new things from it mostly about bits and tool paths.

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I see this referenced very frequently.

CNC Cookbook

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I actually saw that one and was worried I wouldn’t find much useful info with it being more geared toward shapeoko and basic stuff! If that’s the case I’ll give it a try if I can learn just one thing I’ll be golden

Notice a familiar name on this Shapeoko?

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How many mbs are the tutorials? I was going to download 1 or 2 but worried about going over my data.

keep an eye out for a Starbucks. Get a cup of coffee and a bit of wifi ^^

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That sounds like a good one!

If it is available in the Inventables store, I want one signed by @Zach_Kaplan and the other folks there, especially those in customer service who have helped me several times!

be sure to call the helpdesk if youre a scroll user. book has a whole different ui paradigm that is a bit overwhelming