Good, starter upgrades!?!

Hey guys,

Still super new here, but ALL of you seem to be very cool and helpful so far. Making this ALOT easier.

So, I FINALLY pulled the trigger on my X-Carve last night (will be here Wed!). I went with the Master Kit, with all the best options.

But, what are some good and basic upgrades you guys are doing and recommending? Just to help the machine run even BETTER.

I apologize if this has been discussed before . . . feel free to lead me to a thread! Don’t wanna beat a dead horse.

Did you order the X-Controller? If not that’s a good place to start…

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I did, the only things I didn’t order with the waste board and the toolkit. I ordered the best option for each category. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of aftermarket upgrades people might be doing.

The x-axis stiffening mods are essential. Look up the 30-min mod and the 60-min mods. I did the 30 and it was beyooooond worth the work.

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Thanks for the recommendations! I already upgraded the collet and but for the 611, to the ones from Think and Tinker (precise, but I’ll send look into all these others.

I can tell I have a HUGE learning curve up ahead :wink: