GoPro Thumb Screw V1 Prototype

I decided to make my own version of a GoPro wrench. This is just a trial version so i can see how it works and make sure the scale is right. final version will be made out of 1/4 inch T6061 Alum plate. I ride a bike every day and i have a GoPro on my helmet for insurance reasons and because Cali driver suck. tell me what you think. and shoot over ideas if you have them. I am using Aspire 8.0 if you would like that file to create you own let me know so even you can do field tests and get back to me on what changes need to be made. I do plan on selling these so no rights are given for commercial production


So you intend selling these but want free ideas?

Yes you read my topic correct.

Yes there are cheep China versions out there. No new ground will be broken with this idea. But, I live in Cali where motercycle are everywhere. I also am part of a moto vlog community with a huge fan base. These are to be made and custom per YouTuber as items they can sell or items that can be given out if spotted out and about. Keychain for such people are getting final version and ready to be made.

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Cut one out of 1/4 T6061 grade A Alum. i like it very much and have already been getting a big feed back for orders and custom engraving


I lived in CA for 4 years and never got used to motorcycles splitting lanes. I rode a Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 when I lived in TX for 8 years.

Can you share your process for machining the aluminum? Clamping, tabs, bits, rates, etc.?

I have been riding in Cali for 8 years. The trick is to think no one can see you and you can die at any moment lol

This is how i have my alum bar set up. its T6061 grade A extruded alum. .250 thick and 4 inch wide and 24 inch long

you cant really see the clamps but i have a peace of MDF set below that is a extra waste board that has been zeroed to my machine. To cut out alumiinum you cant really use tabs if you want to have clean sides so i have precision hols that i use screws to hold the peaces down before the profile is cut out.

you can see a little better here where my clamps are. also you can see all my holes are cut through and i have screws holding down the parts

In this picture you can see the waste is removed and all the screws are holding down my parts. i am currently engraving names on them in this picture.

I ues a 1/4 inch 2 flute end mill for the key chain hole and the tool hole. for the profile cut out i usa a 3 flute 1/8 inch bit with a special coating. The speeds are dewalt always on 1, 1/4 inch .01 pass depth with 40 inch per min feed rate, the 1/8 inch bit is .01 pass depth with a feed rate of 35 inch per min
Im using Aspire 8.0 and UGS
Any more questions or tips please ask


Wow, 0.010" cut depth with aluminum is impressive. How are you removing the shavings? How is the finish on the cut sides, do they need any polishing?

Shavings get blown away by the dewalt I have belt and y rail guards to protect from chips. Side are nice so spots need a little love but mostly very nice

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This one is for me so I painted it black and put back to the machine to engrave a flag and my logo

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I did ride a Ninja in Southern California 24/7 for almost 2 years only did a lane split one time when doing 90 and the 405 was stopped ahead. Wakes you up FFFFast. I did however never use a gopro but might in the future if I get a bike again.