Got some ball nose bits

Pretty happy right off machine wood was soft


Are you going to share that as a project, or do you have the G-code available to share (legally)? I would score a lot of Dad points if I made those for my daughters for Valentine’s Day… :smile:

i could share it i just made it real quick i had a name planned to carve in top left

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Profile .125 jessica rose.gcode (37.3 KB)3D Finish .125 bn jessica rose.gcode (768.2 KB)


If/when I make them, I’ll be sure to share a pic of the girls’ faces to let you know how much joy you brought them. Thanks!

sounds good enjoy i used 1/8" ball nose and profile is 1/8" end mill

verry nice ! and thank for sharing your g-code.

with which 3D softare did you design your project ?
i’m still trying with autodesk suite, but i’ve some compatibility problem with transfering my files between thoses software ^^
i’m looking for alternatives solution.

thank !

vectric vcarve desktop the heart is 6x6 and feedrate was 40ipm plunge was 20 and stepover was 10%


Did you do your own drawing of the rose or can I download it from another site?
I am really impressed with your project and would like to try it on my router.
I use Aspire 8.0, and need a bmp or dxf to work from. Thanks for posting your project. Great job.

the rose and heart were clip art i loaded when i bought vectric vcarve desktop so you should have them also

Finally painted it