GrabCAD X-Carve 3d model download issues


Is anyone else having issues with the GrabCAD files for the X-Carve? I am trying to download a model of the 1000mm version and GrabCAD is saying that dependent files are not found. When I attempt to download the " x-carve_1000mm_base.asm.1" it downloads an empty file.

Does anyone know what might be causing this or does anyone have a STEP file of the 1000mm X-Carve or the 10000mm base (waste board) assembly that they would be able to share?

Here is the link of the models that I am trying to download from:

You need the assembly or just the wasteboard?

An assembly file doesn’t include parts. It just describes the relationship between parts. If you don’t have parts, you can’t have an assembly.

Taking a guess all you want is the MDF wasteboard…here you go.
30300-03.step (1016.8 KB)

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