Graduation project at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute

My daughter was in her graduation year at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute this summer. For one of the designs she sent me a whatsapp with a small drawing of what she needed. Suddenly I found myself on the critical path of graduation. I used LibreCAD to draw the strips, gcode sender to simulate and send the tool path and my Dremel cut its way into the 2mm airplane plywood. These strips give a special effect to the skirt made out of silk.


For presenting the graduation collection she also had to design an installation. The desire to belong to the group wearing these designs was the theme. For this we created a box with a door giving access to her designs.
To give it something extra we decided that above the door an edge lit panel would show up with her logo and name. Panic, I only had 2 weeks left and never cut acrylic before. Thanks to numerous posts on the forum I succeeded in getting all the information needed for making such a panel. I learned to work with easel and tested the outcome on a sheet of MDF. During the cut in acrylic I cooled with a brush and soapy water.

The show itself was a success, while the construction is open on all sides it attracted the visitors like a magnet. Everyone wanted to enter through the door. Not only the show was a success, the result good enough to graduate as a designer in fashion.
This is her website where you can enjoy a movie of the installation and her collections: