Grbl 1.1f and lasers

Is anyone using grbl 1.1f with their laser? I have been using it for about a week now but I’ve come across a problem. When I enter the M03 S3 command to turn on the laser at low settings to focus it, nothing happens. By the way I am using UGS/Lasergrbl. The funny thing is when I send a job to it, it works just fine. I just need to be able to turn it on at low power to focus it.


I recommend using this grbl version instead.

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The reason I use this version is because I can use Easel with it as well. Do you know if this version will work with Easel?

It should. The grbl settings are same as in 1.1f.

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Awesome, thanks. I’ll give it a shot. :grin:

Hello, maybe someone can help me. Gaps in the result, see image. Nothing to see in the preview and no errors after engraving.

Just by looking i think there is something in the image or the conversion. What program are you using to run the laser?

LaserGRBL. I like it very much, it eats GRBL-files and image-files. This logo is a conversion of a b/w .jpg image and after conversion it looks like:

No gaps are detected and there are no laser commands in that part of the path. Something to do with the laser? Maybe an overheat protection?

I think it is in the coversion. Have you tried Lightburn? They have a free 30 day trial and it works alot better.

Thanks, I will try it.

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If i remember right Picsender has a free trial to. Both good programs.