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GRBL Library To Arduino IDE with Windows 10

Hi Guys and Girls,
Im trying to re-flash the arduino but I’m stuck trying to get the grbl file to go with arduino ide
as the info in the troubleshooting section only explains the procedure using a mac and I’m
using windows 10 and not very good at this sort of thing. can anybody help.

Many thanks.

You can use X-loader to flash a .hex file into the Arduino. Do you need special compile options or just a fresh copy of grbl?

Do you want it to behave as an X-Carve, then you should update through Easel and you will get the Inventables Grbl 1.0c version with all the parameter settings that go together with Easel.

If you want the latest version you can use this procedure: how to install on arduino Grbl 0.9j is stable and 1.1 is the latest version. In this case you have to make your own settings.

Many thanks for your help guys.

Hi all, I’m new to working with Aduino and Grbl. My question is: I have an Arduino Uno and CNC Shield,
I have flashed the Arduino with the v0.8 Grbl. I have tried to set up my end stops but I get no light when I push the switch. On the CNC board on the right side- white and black pins Y+ Y- X+ X-. I have the black wire going to the black pin and the green wire going to the white pin. Do I need the red wire connected to the 5v pin to make the switches work?
I hope this is clear enough, Thabk You for the help.

There are quite a few configurations of the CNC shield. Which version of the board do you have?


Can you post a picture of the front of the board without the stepper drivers installed. Some boards have jumpers to select switch options. And let’s start a new thread for this.

Where’s the red wire coming from?
Your switches have 2 wires, and your end stop connections have two pins.
As @LarryM said, some boards have an end stop jumper (not under the drivers on any version I have though). It should be “below” the actual end stop connections. It will determine if the switches are active low or high.

Since you have experience I’ll let you take the lead on this unless you don’t want it.

I was trying to help since no one else had jumped in yet.

LarryM, How do I download a picture here??

v3.0 on the CNC Shield

NeilFerreri1, my end stops have three wires, red, black and green

When you are typing a reply use the icon that has the horizontal bar with an arrow pointing up, or just drag the picture to the reply area.

Here is the best info I can find on hooking up the limit switches. Best I can tell this picture matches your board version.

There are six switch positions available and they use normally open switches for this board version. Make sure you are using just the Common and NO contact positions of the switch. For this board version you don’t get to choose which switch type you use (NO or NC).

Use black and green.
If that doesn’t work, red and green.

I have 4 switches, one for +X, one for -X
one for +Y, one for -Y. Do I hook each one to the corresponding axis like the picture?

Yes, you would wire the “+” set as the picture shows, and then do a similar hookup for the “-” set.

So I can connect the 2 green wires from -X and +X and attach them to the X+ pin. And the black wires to the Y- and Y+ to the -Y pin.
Or am I really confused??