Grbl not done booting using UGS

Just got my X-Carve assembled and calibrated and ran the example successfully yesterday - Yaa!

Downloaded UGS, had some initial noob confusion but got past that, now I try to use machine control, and UGS says “Grbl has not finished booting.”

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

So, the test in easel ran fine? Do you still have easel open? Only one program can grab the comm port for use.

Also verify that you are using 115000 for comm port speed in UGS.

Probably a typo but the baud rate is 115200.

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That’s it! I left the setting at 9600…

Thanks a bunch!

Glad to hear it, I’ve done the same thing.

having the same problem but my baud rate is set correctly??? The rest of my settings under my arduino in the properties of device manager are data bits:8 , parity:none , stop bits:1 . and flow control:none. are these settings also correct? or any other set up aspeccts im surpassing within UGS. I also tried running xloader with appropriate hex file to arduino and got nothing as well. Before i ran xloader i was getting an error lines constantly now its says its connected but am getting the error message that its not done booting when i try to jog the machine??? also to open UGS im just double clicking the jar file, i read that u need to open it through directory file through the command prompt and thus the application file after could this be my problem because i couldnt get it to work that way command prompt said the directory file was or volume label syntax was incorrect all kinds of issues overhere…any help would be much appreciated over and out

Double clicking the .jar file works fine for me.

Serial port uses defaults except for baud rate.

Check to make sure that your gShield is mounted properly on the Arduino. It’s very easy to plug it in with mis-aligned pins.

i have done a test run through easel so i would assume that everything is hooked up correctly.

See if you can talk to grbl directly using the Arduino IDE.