GRBL v1.2 Compatibility

Hello. I’ve built a 4 axis CNC and control it with GRBL Mega5x (grbl v1.2)
I can’t get a connection between my Easel Pro software and the board. Is there a compatibility issue

did you download the Easel driver???

Yes but it doesn’t connect. My other stuff Laser GRBL. Universal G Code sender etc all connect

how about the post Prosser?

Can you connect to it with the Arduino IDE?


Brandon Parker

I can’t say this is fact, but I’ve seen other users post this same issue with the Mega5x

And I think the version grbl that the mega5x runs on is will not connect directly through to easel… the users who I’ve seen posting about this issue all ended up simply exporting the easel gcode and using a sender that does work with the mega5x.

Again, I can’t confirm why this would be the case, or if these other posts are are just a result of an underlying issue like firewall settings,… But I’ve not come across mega5x users who ARE using easel direct. . .only those reporting the inability to get a connection. . . :man_shrugging:

Yes. There’s nothing wrong with the board or setup.
The CNC works well connecting with my other programs. It’s just Easel

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Hi. It’s sort of good to know that others have the same issue. Very disappointing that I can’t use Easel directly though.
I will try importing Easel g code into GBRL GRU and see how the results go
Thanks for your input

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