grblHal support in Easel?

I just purchased a Sienci Labs Longmill with their SLB controller and come to find out that Easel is incompatable with grblHal which is what it runs on. ;-(

Is there a workaround or any plan to support grblHal in the future?

Is there any way to import gcode into your controller software? If so then you probably can draw and design in Easel, save the gcode file, and open it in GRBLHAl.

Yes, Sienci Labs has its own software “gSender” that I can import my Easel output gcode into. I stumble a bit in defining the machine specific’s in Easel as it can’t access the CNC controller but despite that gave that process a try yesterday and initially it carved fine but the when off the rails mid-carve. Not sure what sent it off as the first half of the carve was great. The second half it just seemed to wander off and attempt to carve outside the 0 point on the X & Y axis.