Great site with tons of free files

I was searching a while ago and came across a great site with tons of free graphic files, poerfect for engraving. A few were CDR (Corel Draw), but Inkscape can read them I think. Most files are DXF. I download a loat of files today. The site is Enjoy


Right Click > Save Image As > Trace with your favorite software.

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I didn’t have to sign up for anything.

Are you clicking on ads?


Pretty sure it’s a Corel Draw file. Opens in inkscape as a vector.

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i download CDR file and convert to SVG file.

I just visited the site, clicked on an item and was presented with a download button. Yes the file is a cdr but as everyone here has stated, inkscape opens it just fine.

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CDR file is an extension given to the standard SVG filetype. SVG can be opened with CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape etc. Even in your browser.

Yes, opens in Inkscape as a vector… SVG = Scaleable Vector Graphic.