Gremlins in Easel today? [Solved]

On a Dell laptop, Windows 10, Chrome browser:

Z probe is no where to be found in the Carve dialog. Where is it? Why would it disappear?

Also just carved some plastic circular plates for a vacuum filter bracket. Easel is set to cut 4.500" and 5.500" circles with 1/4" bit. Result is 4.25" and 5.25" circles. Everything is set correctly. Machine is calibrated and moves 20 inches on the bed when manually moving the carriage 20 inches.

Only downside to web based software is I can’t do anything about software issues.

Anyone have a clue? Is z probe showing for others?

If you’re cutting “on path” instead of inside or outside, depending on if you want the circle or the hole, you’ll get exactly your bit diameter off.

Yes, you are correct. Thank you. Not sure how I didn’t catch that.

Now I need to find where Z probe dialog went.

Working on a smaller laptop screen has been less than ideal today. There are settings such as the “Use tabs” which are not viewable because the screen size and Easel’s own structure clips that away from view.

Is there a way to close the lower “Workpieces” view on the bottom? That would allow more to be seen on a 13" screen. I have a 15" Macbook Pro which has been excellent but the Dell is intended for workshop use for the X-carve and Langmuir plasma table.

Off the top of my head, there’s a little dow arrow that will collapse the workpieces. I’m not at a computer to check.

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Perfect, that works on the Mac I’ll run back out to the shop and make sure the Dell acts the same.

I was trying to click and hold the Workpieces bar to move it down instead of just clicking. The design window and detailed preview windows act differently allowing the margin to slide.