Grey Shielded Wire - Not Enough?

I am starting the wiring. I am waiting on my Nema 23 connectors that were shipped separately, but I figure I can wire up everything else to the terminals. The intructions for the 1000mm build calls for 2 pieces of 12ft of the grey shielded wire, 1 piece of 7ft length and 1 piece of 5ft. I cut the first 12ft and went to cut the second 12ft and I don’t have even close to enough. I have less than 12 feet left. Am I doing something wrong or did I not get enough wire?



you should have gotten enough wire to get you up and running.

I think the wiring lengths may vary a bit. I cut the shortest lenth first (5 ft) then the next and split the remainder.
In the near future, I plan on using a pair of 10 terminal connector blocks near the outlet of the y axis drag chain, terminating the wiring to the steppers etc there and extending all of the wiring (20 conductors) via the therminal blocks to the power supply/arduino and placing it wherever my heart desires.

I had the same issue unfortunately… Just give them a call and they will take care of you.

So far I was easily able to run a 5ft length through the X-axis. I am now wiring up the terminal on the larger terminal on the gantry. I used the 12ft length for the first one that will go to the power supply (the X motor). Could I cut that in half and get away with 6ft for the other part of the terminal (Z motor) that goes to the power supply? That would be two 6 ft lengths coming off the gantry. My feeling is no, once I get to the drag chains, I will need more than that unless the power supply is REALLY close??


Contact help, it sounds like you were sent the length of wire for the 500mm kit (18’) instead of the length of wire for the 1000mm kit (36’). They’ll get you sorted out right away, you don’t have close to enough wire to complete the 1000mm build :smile:

Ok. Thanks.

This will be the 3rd thing I’ll have to wait on after getting the actual X-Carve delivery. The bag definitely has the 1000mm Wiring sticker on it, but it is not even close to 36 feet. Kind of frustrating. I guess I can find this part locally, but hate to spend more than I already have.

I’ll contact them.

Actually, could I just use some leftover CAT5 cable?

I totally get how you’re feeling, wanting to put everything together and dive into carving, but if you think about it, waiting a couple more days for the replacement wiring is a tiny, tiny fraction of the years and years you’ll be using it :smiley:

If you plead your case to Inventables, it’s entirely possibly they’ll bump up your replacement cable to expedited shipping…

We must have put a 500mm wiring kit in your 1000mm kit. If you email help@inventables we will overnight you the correct one.

So sorry for this mistake.


You guys, so far, have had amazing customer service, so no worries.

I’ll email help now.

Thanks Zach!


I just BARELY had enough wire for my 500x500. For me there is only a few inches extra for the stepper wire. I’m not sure if it was a cost thing, but a couple of extra feet (overall) would have been appreciated. It seems like a bad place to save a few bucks. I gladly would have paid $5 or $10 more for some slack. I basically have the power supply right up against the X-Carve due to the short wire.

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DO NOT use Cat5 cable, it is not designed for constant flex since it is solid wire and also most Cat5 does not come shielded. Another consideration is the 24ga wire is limited to .577 amps, I’m pretty sure a stalled stepper can draw a bit more than that.

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In the past, I’ve bought stepper motor cable from ebay ( ) and I’ll likely buy some more to splice in to lengthen the cables at some point.

Inventables is shipping out more wire, but just in case I get too antsy or want to work on it tonight, would this wire work? I can get it locally and it looks like the same specs?

That will work, also Inventables sell it also Here