Grid boxes

Does anyone know if you can make the grid boxes smaller. Thanks

Hello @DougFranz, you can not change the size of the grid. You can only switch between imperial and metric.


Brandon R. Parker


If I understand your Question right.
You can zoom in on the screen and there will be more graduation marks between measured increments. Whether your using imperial or metric

I see the same amount of grid lines no matter my zoom level. The only thing that changes for me is the number of lines that have numbers next to them due to space concerns.

Zoomed Out - Imperial

Zoomed In - Imperial

Zoomed Out - Metric

Zoomed In - Metric

And…Zoomed way Out - Metric

The same number of grid lines are present, but only one number every 100mm is present.


Brandon R. Parker

Screenshot 2024-02-29 130924

Grid shot

Here are two screen shots of what I was talking about.
I hope this helps.
I’m using Microsoft Edge as my browser.


Thank You

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