Group and Ungroup and distribute evenly

Of late I have been have been finding that a feature to group a bunch of object to engrave would be extremely handy and of course so would an ungroup feature. Mainly of course for positioning correctly on the material. Also a distribute objects evenly feature would be nice.

For most of my work EASEL works great and I find that working with SVGs is not needed, but these are features I really miss when I am working in EASEL instead. The combine feature works great but does not do what a group/ungroup feature would do.

I have used combine for an number of things. The problem is combine forces the same cut setting on all items in the combined item.

In the drawing apps I have used in the past Group/Ungroup and Combine are two different functions. Kind of like having 3 cans of paint. Group would tire a rope around them and hold them together. Combine dumps them all into one can. Also you can ungroup at any point with a single click so it is very easy to toggle between the two.

Agreed, a true group function would be very helpful.

The best simulated grouping function is to select all the individual objects and then you can resize, move, rotate, change doc, etc to those pieces. They don’t stay grouped unless they are selected.