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Group build idea

You know what would be cool? If someone(s) picked a subject and then everyone worked on their take of the prop.

Sometimes I get bored thinking up my next project. :confused:


Kind of like a CNC Manhattan Project? :grinning:

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I’m really looking for a bit holder. I saw the “Colletsium” on Instructables, which I think is pretty cool, but haven’t started playing with it

My issue is I want to be able to separate bits by size, then by type (upcut, downcut, ball end) within their respective size sections. Plus allow space for growth (a LOT), the collets, collet wrenches etc…

I know this is an old topic. But now that I have my system dialed in…
I can help make things. It would be fun to work on a project as it will allow me to hone in on my skills.

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I would be interested in this

I’ve got to many projects and days are to short