Grouping/Combining lines on Easel

I am building a scale model of my house and trying to draw the outline of the foundation for the base. I have exact dimensions of the foundation perimeter. I am trying to draw lines to those exact scale lengths and positions and want to connect them when I am done so I can scale the entire foundation outline up or down. I can’t use one continuous line with the line draw tool because the dimensions of each line are not displayed as I draw them. I have painstakingly drawn each line and aligned them, but when I try to combine them so it can be carved as one continuous line the lines do not connect together.

Also, are Grouping and Combining different?

Thank you for any help you may have.

I believe you will need to draw a thin rectangle using the the square tool to do what you want.

The bottom box is a square with another square on top of it set to zero depth

Your life will be million times easier if you draw it in Inventor, Fusion 360 or Solidworks, just in the 2d sketch mode. It will be lines and dimensions (less than 10 minutes to get used how it works) and then just export the sketch as dxf and import into Easel.