Gshield freezing. Xcontroller more stable?

I’ve got an arduino + gshield and I’m having a problem where the machine will be running and simply halt randomly, sitting at a particular spot. I have to completely reconnect the USB and reset the gshield before my PC will detect it again. It freezes my gcode sender as well. I have a theory it might be the fact that I use a long USB cord from my shop PC (it has a ferrite bead, but maybe it’s not enough??) I’d been running it for 12 hours today and it happened twice.

I’d been meaning to upgrade to an XController when I can afford to anyway, but will it fare better in a workshop environment than the gshield? I mean what exactly is happening? Is the EM in the room crashing the gshield, or is it ruining the data?

The only reason I feel it’s EM is the fact that I did browse about a dozen topics covering this issue. The questions I’m asking are not addressed in these topics.

The Arduino is powered via the USB port. Any cable changes, etc. may cause a voltage drop so that it powers off.

The Xcontroller internally powers the ATmega chip and the USB serial port. So the voltage drop aspects of it is mitigated some.