Gshield or xcontroller

how do I know if I have Arduino and gshield or x controller. thanks

The x controller is much larger and had the big Red emergency stop button.

The G shiled is small, and has a fan on top.

if your controller look like this you have the X-Controller

If your controller looks like this you have the G-Shield


when you first hooked your computer to the xcarve did it take quite a while. thanks

no??? I hooked right up, when I first hooked it up I used my girlfriends Windows system. I have since changed to Linux as that is what my systems run. It is not supported by Inventables but it is what I like. I use a Raspberry Pi 3 with a wireless keypad, very happy with this arrangement.

But then again I have a pretty fair understanding of computers and electronics. I started with the G-Shield latter updated to the X-Controller. Both are very functional control boards, The X-Controller has more power for the motors but the G-Shield is more than capable for most things.

ok thanks. I have my computer hooked up but it does not seem to recognize the controller.

I am assuming you mean getting it to communicate with the computer system? no problems. If you are taking about using the software, then I am always experimenting with new software, I started with Easel and found it to be very user friendly and intuitive for a new user. I have tried Fusion 360 which I like but it is a lot harder to use but much more functional for details. once you get things working it all seems to become very pleasing and fun to do.

Have you installed Easel local to your system?
Go to setup machine within Easel and it should walk you through it.

no it will not communicate with the computer. I am going thru the steps but I thought it downloaded easel and sent me to the next step of putting in what I had then to connecting to the gshield but when I hook the cable up it just does nothing.

What version of Easel local? and when you go to the next step what is it saying “error or what” I am about to have to close down for today. but I would make sure the controller is on “powered up” and plugged into the system “USB cable” and talking to the port “correct baud rate, correct port etc.” then I would try to manually load Easel Local by clicking on help form within Easel and then Download, choose you operating system and version of Easel Local that you want to try. good luck and keep asking if you need more help. Tis Friday and the work week is over :slight_smile:


thanks phil but after calling the company and being on the phone for an hour they figured out one of the boards is bad. the one the usp port plugs into. thanks though.

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