gShield wire stepper cable---help

OK here is where I’m stuck…the directions and photos don’t line up for me, so I’m really confused.

The gShield is marked “X,” “Y,” and “Z.” Wire the stepper cable according to the markings on the shield and order your wires (from right to left) black, green, white, red.

Photo given in instructions:

Those wires are setup left to right

next photo the diagram:

the wires agree with the directions but the board is also turned around or flipped (that little tiny box with the 2 circles is now on the opposite side.)

So my questions is which is correct…the photo or the directions…I really want to make mine work when it’s finally built. :smile:

I have mine wired as shown in the picture. It works fine.

If you turn the picture around then it matches the diagram and the text.

THANK YOU!!! :smiley: