GT-2 Pulley upgrade

Hello everyone,

yesterday I noticed that one of the screw that hold the right Y stepper motor, was missing.

I haven’t put Loctite on it because the possibility of strip the screw is very (VERY) high. So I came up with this idea.

Is a simply screw (technical name is ‘grain’), just a bit longer than those provided by Inventables. Then I added a nut on it.

I’m searching an adeguate Nilock nut because is better, but for the moment is ok as is :slight_smile: Willing to change all the pulley’s grain on Monday :slight_smile:

Pic below. Sorry for the qulity.


Mmm I’m not skilled enough to make this kind of mod, I just found the correct nilock nut, so I’m going for it!

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I need to be sure that the machine is square before any test but if they work as the eccentric nut mod I’m pretty sure they will work perfectly!

Check out this post : X-Carve mod pack 1

One of the things he did was replace the pulley set screws with socket head cap screws which makes the tightening MUCH easier. As soon as I saw this mod I ordered the screws I needed and replaced mine right away. It was one of the cheapest and easiest mods I did, and it’s saved me from the bad language trying to tighten them every time they come loose and worrying I’ll strip out the default set screw…

Yeah I did the same mod with head cap screws and it works really good. So to me thats the best way to go for the pulleys.

I replaced mine with a 8mm long button head torx screw. The torx head lets you put much more force when tightening them. Since replacing them I have not had one loosing up on me.

That guy made awesome mod. Some of them are too ‘‘complex’’ for me, in terms of time etc.

The eccentric nut mod is interesting althoug I can’t comprehend how it work, and why replace the eccentric nut with a bigger one