GT2 2mm pitch 6 mm wide

I have used them for other projects and their belt is reinforce with fiber glass belt a lot less elongating › Product Spotlight › Timing Belts

2 mm Pitch GT2 Profile Timing Belts for your mechanical belt drive system. A6R51M Replacement belts for existing drives or use in your new design.

Thanks for the heads up on the source.

They also carry 9mm wide belts and pulleys which make for a nice upgrade.

Is there ever a thread that you don’t give a link to some Shapeoko wiki BS. Do you even own a X-Carve or are you just a Shapeoko shill.


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I’m the guy who wrote the Shapeoko 2 assembly instructions (in exchange for a free machine), who posted quite a bit here on the Inventables pages back before there was a forum, and who was specifically asked to participate in this forum by the principals of Inventables.

I also contributed quite a bit to the Shapeoko wiki, which at least one member has specifically asked be duplicated for the X-carve:

If you know of some other source of information which can be used, which is available under a similarly permissive license (the Shapeoko wiki is CC-SA), I’d be glad to know of it and would gladly contribute to it and use it.

FWIW, I find the bifurcation of what was a single community an unfortunate occurrence, which really doesn’t help either community, nor the larger cause of opensource CNC. Remember the story of the Roman father and his sons: