Guitar Design Overload!

Felt like sharing my recent guitar projects made with the X-Carve. The first two are Puzzle SGs, the next is an aqua dyed Archangel with gold wing inlays, and last is a Van Halen Frankenbee prototype made from walnut & African teak rather than the traditional painted pattern (the finished product will be Yellowheart in place of the Teak).

Full build albums are on for every guitar thus far.

Aqua Archangel 4

Aqua Archangel 5



Really cool work! Especially like the VH Frankenbee. :metal:

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You’re motivating me to build a guitar for myself man! Tips on which electronics you dig?

Nick - You really can’t go wrong with basically anything Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio sells. I’ve made guitars (my own personal collection) using both their products and was pleased enough to start using them in my production guitars now. I’m a huge fan of Steve Vai and John Petrucci and both those guys have signature humbuckers from DiMarzio that I put in my last guitar; if it’s good enough for big name legends like those guys, it’s definitely good enough for a peasant like me lol

Angus - Acoustic builds are on my next to do list. The Archangel was actually a semi hollow chambered body for weight reduction so I’m slowly moving from solid body electrics to full hollow. Honestly the build would probably be easier… The neck would essentially be the same (in a different dimension scale but same production method) and then all you’d need would be to route out the front and back flat sections. The rest of the build would be bracing and then bending a thin piece around the guitar’s outer perimeter but even that; you can use the X-Carve to cut shallow slots into your wood strip so you can then bend it easier.

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Bad A$$!!