Guitar For A Prince!

I am not crying… my eyes are singing “purple rain”


@PhilJohnson you are always so kind to share these things. this community is much richer because of you. although I will probably never use these files (not a guitar person) I wanted to say thanks and “your the man”.


party hats

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Depending on how many people are attending you could make small symbol pendants (6" to 8") to give out for people to wear and keep.

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Think of Prince what you will, but as a guitar enthousiast i have to say that guitar must be one of the ugliest things in music history :disappointed_relieved:

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Phil that is solid. That is a solid model for others to follow. (see what I did there?)


One thing I’m dying to make is a guitar. I have yet to work up the courage. My main guitar is an Ibanez S520EX and I have yet to find a replacement that even gets close to it on performance. So making one may be out of the question for me.

it should light up fine. i used all sorts of acrylic with some being better than others but all lighting with no real issues if the light is strong enough.

@PhilJohnson You really need to consider a laser for the smalls and acrylic work but be very careful, using a laser becomes very addicting!

I was referring the necklaces.

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The craft stores used to have those mini spray cans for the plastic models, there was a metallic purple that would have been perfect for this.

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You can add them to skewers for burgers/sandwiches

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