Gun engraving

I’m just wondering if is possible to engrave letters on a pistol barrel,will tru to upload a picture…

In GOD we trust is what I’m trying to engrave,

why not?
I would recommend you use a sender program that allows for height map (touch off several intervals to make sure you maintain consistent depth of engrave). but should not be that hard to do.

This is the barrel I’m talking about!!!

I wanna engrave “IN GOD WE TRUST” what will it be the best way to do it??and what bit will be the best to use

I have done several, mostly in aluminum. I have also wondered about stainless, but I’m sure with enough passes it would certainly work fine.

Let’s say it doesn’t work out. The bit breaks. Power goes out. Whatever. That might also be God. And you SHOULD trust him. wtf?