Hacking wood away

So I have included a picture of an acacia cutting board I wanted to engrave for a client. I used a 1/8" bit (which I know is a hacker bit) and it tore away some of the corners in the letters (you can see it especially well int he bottom of the “W”. I wanted to use a 90 deg Vbit, but alas…i didn’t have one. Is this something I should be concerned about, or expected with 1/8" Fishtail DC?

you need to try a down cut end mill, much cleaner cut

So I believe I have one of those (red ring). But I don’t see how to add it to my list of available bits?

Thin, straight walls on face grain will tend to break like that. Wood strength varies with direction of grain. If this was end grain there would be no breakage.
If you carve less deep there will be less chance if breakage.
If you use a wide angle v bit, the wall will have a wider support and less chance of breakage.

As you’ve already covered, I would have carved that with a 90⁰ v bit.

There is the option to add bits to your toolbox at the top of the bits selection panel, as well as a link at the top menu that goes right into the toolbox.

The thing is though, easel doesn’t actually change the toolpath based on the cut type of the bit. The cut type simply allows you to save custom settings for different bits. . Its more of a convenience thing than anything else…

oh, I don’t think Easel know the difference between up cut or a down cut?

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