Had a productive day for once

Had a productive day and actually made more than 1 thing. Just means I have some finishing piling up on me now.


Looks great! Have you tried any V-carving yet?

I’ve done a few but used my 4 free days this month so trying other bits out to see what results I get

That’s good, it’s always good to learn the different bits. I usually Vcarve any text that isn’t an inlay for speed’s sake. I like the record carving. How did you manage to hold it down?

I normally do use a v bit for lettering but I tend to bunch them so I can use my free days haven’t tried via other programs as yet though.

The record I just used carpet tape and a 1/32 down cut bit.

I’ve used carpet tape before, sticks like a monster.

Yeah it was a bit too sticky to be honest was a bitch to get off