Halo Gravity Hammer, Full Size!

Here is another project I did with a friend of mine back in high school. It’s a full size gravity hammer from the halo series, made mostly out of solid pine. My friend turned the handle on a lathe in several pieces and cut out some of the basic parts by hand. I did most of the detail you see on the head of the hammer and towards the bottom of the handle. We did it on our CNC Shark, unfortunately I don’t have any of the files though.

That’s my friend holding it up for scale, wasn’t sure if he’d appreciate having his face on the forum so I blurred it haha. Let me know what you guys think! Im fairly certain he painted the whole thing too, so If I cant get the picture ill update. Just goes to show, what can’t these machines do?


Wow, that thing’s no joke! Very nicely done!

Thanks! He did most of the work on it, was a bit heavy haha

Nice work, I like his smily face also. :laughing:

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