Hand wheel out of no where

I was downstairs looking for some random things for my brother when I found these knobs I had bought and not used. Thought of the xcarve build that was sitting behind me and thought, nah… There’s no way.
Sure enough tho, ran it on to the little exposed threads left on the z shaft just finger tight… And it works great for manually moving the z.

Where did you get those from. thats pretty cool. I searched amazon and didn’t see any

Either home depot or lowes. They have have been down in a drawer for a year or so,

I have a large box of knobs like that but they are either 5/16 or 3/8 thread.

I made a disk with a dowel for a handle, drilled a 25/64" hole in the dead center and pressed it onto the top nut, works great.

Then my spindle died on the next workpiece. :weary:

New QC 48v was already on the way, should be here Tuesday. :smiley: