Hard to draw out a project

ok Ive had a few cnc machines in the past but am self taught (still learning) so I saw the x carve on the net and really want to get it. Seems like just what I want. So i’ve been playing around in easel to see if I like it or not. I see a few things that I don’t like. you cant drawn very easy in it. Say i wanted to cut out a bird house, I took the square and then put a triangle on the top for the roof. But you can’t cut it out as one piece or it will cut the roof off. I don’t see a way to delete a line on the triangle? also if i wanted to cut a circle say 2.250" I don’t see a spot where i can click on the circle and tell it what size I want it and the rule is to rough. I guess people are drawing in another program and then converting over? Too bad they couldn’t add these things to easel. It would be great to open up easel and draw a simple project to cut out. At least give your lines a way to measure them and connect together.
Im loving this x carve idea but think the software needs to do a little more in the design department before I make the $ jump.

You click the shape button you can enter the circle dimension you desire.

Yes I did find that after I posted. How about and example of a bird house side with a peek? I don’t see a way to do that. If put a square shape down and then add a triangle to the top you get what im looking for. but if you go try to cut the outline of those two together out, it will cut the triangle off the the square. It would be cool if it had a straight line tool.

See what im talking about. If I could get rid of the line that would cut the roof off so I could cut out that shape as one piece.

If you select both shapes, you can click on Edit, Combine.

Another option is to use Inkscape, a free drawing program that creates files that you can import into Easel.


This is what i was looking to do in easel but had to draw it in inkscape then import it to easel. If easel had a simple line tool it would be easy to make projects write in easel.

Thank you TonyNo… That is what I was looking for in easel. That worked. I knew there should have been a way to do in easel.