Harry Potter Ornaments Vcarve files

Any chance we can get these in a SVG for those who dont have vcarve?

What material did you use, and what tool type ?


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I used the same design and make last year. My son said he could get extra credit if he would make a Christmas ornament for class. This was the result of my sons vision and help.


Where do you find Free Files from Design and Make. Is that just included with owning Vcarve Desktop?

Phil: thanks so much for the files! I just finished Dumbledore and it came out fantastic! Carving the whole set for my Granddaughters.

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Phil, do you happen to have the links to thingiverse? I’m assuming that’s where you got STLs for the faces and such?

Also, what’s your finishing technique here? Like, how did you get the nice dark highlights in the grooves and stuff like that? These look amazing!



Thank you for this file! When I try to open it in my version of vCarve (8.5) It says that I cannot open the file. Is there a way to get the file converted so I can use it on my machine?

They open in vcarve trial version and wont let me save the files

Thanks Phil the designs are great!



Cheap poplar

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Any chance I can get these files for xcarve please

Did you by chance get the svg files for the Harry potter ornaments

check this out, free / pay

:zap: Best STL files 3D printed for Harry Potter ・ Cults (cults3d.com)

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