Has any done any project in ColorCore

I have 12 x 12 piece of ColorCore that is looking to be made into a project any ideas. It is 1/2 thick.

whats colorcore?


forum is our friend to !

i am pretty sure 99% of people come here to ask questions lol

sooooo I asked a question


okay man I tried with no luck



okay okay …wait wait

king colorcore?
colorcore- formica?

ehh so many choices I wish someone could kindly let me know lol :smile:


lol I am just screwing with you man

but no seriously which one?

should i make a 30min video about it? lol jk

it’s a plastic material like a chopping block with a different color surface. You carve through the surface and it shows the other color. Lot of boat owners use this type product to make tables or working areas or panel displays. It is not harmed by weather. Don’t you just dislike someone saying to google it. When all you are doing is trying to have a conversation with a friend.

Hey Michael

Oh yeah you are talking about a 2-color HDPE plastic I am really familiar with it and have done many things with it

I do alot of address number plaques with it

Inventables sells small square of it that are reasonably priced

maybe you can sugest what I can do with a 12x12x1/2 piece. Thanks nice talking to you.

I made some coasters.