Has any one used HD Foam Board

I am interested to know if anyone has used high density foam board. And where I could buy it? This stuff is as dense as wood.

Do you mean high density urathane foam board? If so then yes. I work for a sign company we have used it but rarely. It cuts beautifully. Use a 2 flute spiral upcut bit,speed and feed is pretty forgiving but I’ve never routed it on an X-Carve. We usually outsource HDU foam because it is typically coated with resin and then painted. Which is not something we do. Its not quite as hard or as dense as wood. As for where to purchase try asking a local sign company. Sign suppliers often don’t sell to the public.

I use it for large scale projects, you can look up companies like renshape or precisionboard and ask for a local distributor. It cuts beautifully, but is very expensive. It’s available in different densities and depending on what your going to use it for it may need to be coated with different resins. Inventables sells small sheets of Precision Board if you want to try it out.

$30/bdft, I’d say that’s expensive all right. More than most of my hardwoods that I purchase – and I live in Alaska!

I have used hdu foam its good material

order you a sample pack from

Having worked with urethane for several years I issue a WARNING to any body using it. When urethane comes in contact with flame it produces cyanide gas. That is true with laser burning an image on it’s surface.