Has anyone done this Z Axis Mod?

Completely new at this and I just acquired a used X-Carve 1000 x 1000 with y axis risers. I installed the risers and created my own stiffeners for the y-axis rails. However, the issue I have now run into is that my spindle (bosch colt) is/was now 2" above the waste board. I currently do not have the funds to upgrade to the direct drive z-axis / Makita.
So, I created a spacer (HPDE) and moved the z stepper to mount above the z carriage. I have spent many hours looking through the forum and have not seen this done.

My question is … any known or foreseen issues in doing this?

I applaud you for thinking outside the box and being so creative.

There should not be any issues with what you have setup. The z axis upgrade is a great option but you seem to have a solution that is working for now.


My only advice is to take a little time this weekend to calibrate your machine.

Any time you make changes that affect the belt tension you should always double check the calibration.

If you need instructions for this just do a quick search in the forum. Paw Paws workshop has a good tutorial for this.

Happy carving.

Thanks, calibrating was the first thing I did after making the modification. So far so good. No noise or vibration and the first carve went well. I need to make some modifications to my file as the “Outer Banks” ended up being cut off. :wink:

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